ZONE 51 GRAVITY is a gaming chair created with a soul

There are a lot of gaming chairs on the market, and we are not even talking about manufacturers, but about diversity. Variety in everything - finishing materials, materials of elements, the presence of adjustments to the angle of inclination of the backrest and the adjustment of the armrests, the presence of a removable headrest and a stop under the lower back. All this determines the price and consumer qualities. Today we will talk about ZONE 51 GRAVITY – this model includes almost everything that can be required from a modern gaming chair, and even a little more. But the most important thing is that a piece of the soul is embedded in this chair, it is clearly felt already at the stage of unpacking and assembly.

Assembly and personal impressions

As is customary, the chair is delivered disassembled in a fairly large and heavy package (it's no joke - almost 30 kg of weight). As soon as you open the box, you start taking out the contents, and the manufacturer's approach is already felt – everything is laid out neatly and as compactly as possible, a bunch of protective layers, accessories and those are not just piled in a bag, but sealed in a special blister pack, on which each element is signed. The assembly instructions are as simple and clear as possible, and tools are absolutely not needed for assembly – an L-shaped key is included, which will be useful for assembly.

Before assembling, let's take a close look at the key elements. The crosspiece is monolithic, metal, with a reinforcement bar in the center. If you have little experience, then we will immediately say that the chairs have three elements that fail more often than others: the crosspiece, the gas lift and the wheels. There are no special problems with the latter - a failed wheel can always be replaced with a compatible one, since they are not expensive. The crosspiece can also be replaced, but it is more expensive and the event itself is not joyful. So it's nice to see a good powerful crosspiece in ZONE 51 GRAVITY. The wheels, by the way, are polyurethane here, 60 mm in diameter. The wheels are good, better than very simple plastic ones.

The swing mechanism is a popular top gun, there is nothing to surprise here. It's time to start assembling, and here we are waiting for another pleasant moment – the chair is partially assembled, and the new owner only needs to tighten 8 large screws, and two small ones. With four screws we fix the swing mechanism to the lower cushion, then we attach the upper cushion to the already installed reclining mechanisms using the remaining large four screws. And do not forget about the decorative plastic pads, they are fixed with two small screws. Then we assemble the crosspiece, put the gas lift and put the chair on the leg. Everything, the assembly process takes a few minutes and, as we said above, does not require the use of third-party tools. And here I would like to note one more point – the mechanism for adjusting the angle of inclination of the seat is on the right (as is customary), and if you look closely, you can notice a sufficient amount of grease on a large metal sprocket – another proof that the manufacturer approached the assembly of the chair with responsibility.

Please note that ZONE 51 GRAVITY uses a Class 4 gas lift with a maximum load of 150 kg. The chair itself weighs almost 25 kg, so the chair will easily withstand a user weighing up to 120-125 kg. The overall dimensions of the chair are shown in the following figure, well, we finally proceed to a detailed inspection.

This model uses two materials - eco-leather and abrasion resistant suede fabric. Such a symbiosis looks good, and in fact it turns out to be very successful – it feels nice to touch, to sit comfortably. Many of our readers and viewers complain in the comments that chairs made entirely of eco-leather are not suitable for everyone, but at the same time, chairs made entirely of fabric are also not an ideal option. Here's the golden mean for you.

The armrests are plastic, with height and horizontal adjustment, for gaming chairs the solution is already classic. The set includes a removable headrest and a lumbar pillow (memory foam inside), and the support is exactly what I like the most – it just cuts the angle between the backrest and the seat.

Well, the last thing I would like to focus on is adjusting the angle of inclination of the backrest relative to the seat - in ZONE 51 GRAVITY, you can make an almost horizontal sleeping place, and with stability. Again – a classic phenomenon for expensive gaming chairs. And of course there is a mechanism for rocking the chair with adjustable stiffness.

As for comfort, yes, it is very comfortable to sit in ZONE 51 GRAVITY. Sit straight, or recline your back a little, or set a large angle, throwing your legs on the ottoman and moving almost to a horizontal position. This chair is very comfortable and it is really possible to spend 10+ hours a day in it (as I did, because this is due to work). But of course before buying, if possible, sit down in the chair yourself, try it on before buying. If there is no such possibility, then take it without fitting, most likely you will like it, as well as me.


Testing ZONE 51 GRAVITY left not just pleasant impressions. This is the rare case when it is felt in the subject that the developer and the manufacturer have invested a piece of their soul. This is all felt in the nuances – the chair has already been partially assembled at the factory so that the buyer has to screw in fewer screws, lubricants were added to the mechanism from the heart, in the box all the elements are stacked through thick protective layers. Probably, it should be so simple in everything, but today, in the age of marketers and the pursuit of maximum margins, every kind gesture from the manufacturer is perceived with special warmth.

If we talk about more general things, then of course we note the excellent design, good materials and high build quality. This is evidenced by the manufacturer's warranty for components up to 3 years (for the gas lift, crosspiece and rollers, and for the top gun mechanism and the backrest angle adjustment mechanism - 2 years). This means that the manufacturer himself is confident in his products. So if you are choosing a non-budget high-quality gaming chair for yourself, take a close look at ZONE 51 GRAVITY.

Lutovinov Maxim (aka. Kok)

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