This model shows that even a small 2-disk desktop NAS can pleasantly surprise with storage capabilities: up to 4 NVME SSDs and up to 16 hard drives when using cards and expansion shelves. The ability to configure layer-by-layer storage and run applications in containers in a compartment with a 2.5-gigabit network makes it an excellent choice for a modern office with remote access and Wi-Fi 6.

Do you install new SAS-12 or SATA-600 hard drives into a self-assembled server or workstation, and they do not start and are not detected? The controller does not see the HDD, there is no sound of the spinning platters and the cracking of the heads? Even if the disk has worked in another server before, it does not start either in the disk cage or when cables are connected directly? Most likely, you bought the disk at seconadry market or from an unofficial seller, but do not rush to apply to the warranty or return the money, as the solution may be simple or cheap: it is possible that your HDD supports the Power Disable Feature technology, which prevents it from starting in the server. This is a fairly old problem, but there is not much information about it on the web, and the solution is simple and trivial.