About safety with all frivolity

Initially, a license agreement was supposed to be located here, as is now fashionable on many websites, which explains that the site technologically stores Cookies, but there is no desire to participate in this nonsense.

Ideologically, the administration of HWP.media does not collect or store information about site visitors, nor does it transfer it to third parties. For the technical needs of the site, something is stored in Cookies for 24 hours, but there is nothing there that you can catch on to. The cookie contains only your browser ID fingerprint, nothing else. Data about surname, name, patronymic, age, place of work, etc. we do not collect and cannot provide anyone. We do not cooperate with the KGB, FSB and other special services.

Some third-party services such as counters, Google or Facebook, hosted on our website, may collect and store something in accordance with their security policy. Well, there is nowhere to get away from this: user data is the second oil. If you want to be impossible to track you, use anonymizers, secure browsers and modern operating systems such as Kali Linux. By the way, Windows or a messenger on a smartphone collects more about you than all Internet sites put together.

Considering that bots account for up to 50% of traffic on the Internet (and this number is growing), I do not understand at all who needs to track website visitors now. But this is not important, but something else is important: with us you are completely safe!