Cooperation with the editorial

As an industry independent commercial publication, offers possible cooperation options:

1. Writing and publication of review articles.

  •     Preparation period-up to 14 days
  •     Any topic in a clear language for the business audience

2. Promotion of the publication in social networks and special services with narrow targeting.

  •     A significant increase in your target audience
  •     We use dozens of targeting parameters, and none of your managers or freelancers will select your audience so carefully
  •     The opportunity to increase the readability of a one-time and over time.

3. Preparation of material with translation into English and layout for making informational and advertising booklets.

4. Develop a "success story" for your project.

5. Help in restoring your reputation after a" hit-and-run" by non-core bloggers/Media on the IT/Enterprise industry theme with the involvement of industry leaders, as well as after scandals.

6. Placement of image advertising for large IT vendors. Good conditions for agencies.

7. If you need a publication in the industry media for your portfolio, then this is also for us.

We buy:

  • Services for preparing review articles on the subject of IT / Enterprise/B2B services for translating from English to Russian
  • Traffic on the subject of IT / Enterprise

We are not engaged, and we ask not to disturb for questions:

  • Affiliate programs for online stores / services, etc.
  • Participation in traffic exchange networks