Mobile server racks guide

Portable server racks have a wide range of applications and are purchased by both institutions and enthusiasts. Some racks are better suited for moving from room to room, while others are specially designed for endurance long-distance travel and carrying the possible consequences of this.

Technically, if you want a portable rack for the server, you can simply attach the wheels to a regular rack and finish the job. However, the problem is that not all racks have a place to mount the wheels, and drilling new holes can be difficult, given the thickness of the steel from which the cabinet frame is made.

Mobile server cases

These cabinets have a rigid metal internal structure and an external one made of shock absorbing materials. The internal frame to which the equipment is attached can be retractable to facilitate the installation of devices.

Such server cabinets are often equipped with additional latches and fasteners that allow you to fix the cabinet during transportation so that it does not roll around the cargo compartment. In terms of size, these can be any cabinets, from 6U to 40U, but most often their height does not exceed 14U. Such cabinets can be used for storage and transportation of equipment in many industries, such as military, television, music and industrial.

In expensive modifications, the server cabinet housing is equipped with a suspension system that avoids shocks and vibrations, and also protects the contents from sudden movements and shocks during transportation. Usually, special shock-absorbing elements (dampers, springs, flexible rubber elements, etc.) are used for the manufacture of a suspension system, which can absorb the loads that occur during transportation and storage of equipment. Among the most common dampers:

  • anti-vibration fasteners based on wire ropes - these products consist of stainless steel, which is twisted into a cable stretched through aluminum fixing bars, for effective isolation from vibration. Their corrosion resistance and all-metal construction provide high protection against shock and vibration in hostile environments, and they are not exposed to extreme temperatures, chemicals, oils, solvents and abrasives.
  • rubber dampers-bushings - for installation of equipment weighing more than 50 Kg. Usually such dampers are widely used in industry for vibration coupling of air conditioners, compressors and other equipment. One of their features is the possibility of installing two such bushings in tandem for even greater protection against vibrations and shocks.

Usually mobile shockproof server cabinets are closed with a removable front and back wall or door, which may also have latch or lock mechanisms. When working, they are removed or opened, providing air circulation.

Pressure equalization valves, humidity indicators and ventilation valves are often additionally installed in sealed mobile server cabinets to ventilate the contents without access to dust and dirt. Optionally, drainage holes with plugs, rubber bumpers around the perimeter of the cabinet, additional locks and supports for stacking can be placed.

The most famous manufacturers of mobile server cabinets:

  • CPCases - this is a company that specializes in the production of high-quality protective cases and cases for various industries.
  • Peli - it is one of the world leaders in the production of protected enclosures for equipment. The company offers a wide range of mobile server cabinets, including high-quality solutions for the protection and transportation of servers, switching equipment, routers and other components.

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