About the use of site materials

In accordance with the "Law on Copyright and Related Rights", the materials published on the HWP.media website are subject to the property and non-property rights of the administration of the HWP.media website and the authors of these articles.

To website / blog owners (in simple words):

  • f you want to use 1-2 articles from our site - use, but do not change the meaning and put a link to our site.
  • If you would like to link to us by making a short announcement of our article with a link to our site, you can make as many announcements as you like.
  • Bulk copying of articles from the site (tens and hundreds) for posting in the public domain is not allowed (Google, this does not concern you).

Regulations for the use of materials from the HWP.media website (all the same, but more officially)

  • Use of site materials in an amount of more than 3 units without the consent of the site administration is not allowed.
  • Changing the original text of the article leading to a distortion of the meaning is not allowed when posted on a third-party resource.
  • When using materials from the HWP.media website, a link to the source is required.
  • The site administration may require the removal of any number of articles reprinted in whole or in part by any online publication or any other site, blog, or other resource that publishes articles prepared by the editorial staff of HWP.media and originally posted on the pages of the HWP.media site without explanation.

What if?

And although the editors sincerely understand pirates, we know how to stand up for our rights. Against those who are engaged in mass parsing of our articles and are building an HWP clone in their domain, we have more than 300 satisfied DMCA complaints (https://www.lumendatabase.org/) in our arsenal and the ability to prove the authorship of any material.

Remember! The rights to all materials posted on the HWP.media project are protected by the Law "On Copyright and Related Rights". Illegal use of materials entails civil, administrative and criminal liability in accordance with the law.

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