This L3 layer switch has 4 x 10-Gigabit SFP+ slots, 1-Gigabit PoE+ ports for the main fleet of devices, NVR/VoIP optimized interface, support for Nebula cloud service and multi-Gigabit PoE+ ports for Wi-Fi 6 access points. That is, Zyxel has added a maximum of functions to make it the most versatile.

What will happen to your network if the Iron Curtain suddenly falls, and the Global Internet turns into something sovereign and all cross-border channels are blocked? Let's simulate this situation and tell you how to unsign the device from Nebula without Internet access.

The Keenetic Linear VoIP gateway is positioned as a Plug'n'play solution for your Keenetic router, which already contains data from almost all VoIP providers, which just needs to be connected to the router, enter the login and password of the SIP service there and connect the phone. The company's press brief says that the Linear model will work with any analog phone: even a DECT, even an old disk, and we decided to test the last statement on our own experience by connecting a 30-year-old telephone via VoIP.