We explore the features of a classic wireless trackball with a ball under the index finger, a LMB and a scroll under the thumb and the right button under the ring finger. For me, this is a special experience after abandoning mice and switching to ball manipulators.

I decided to switch from mouse to trackball because I was bored and wanted new sensations. I chose an inexpensive model with RGB on Aliexpress and began to study everything related to trackballs. All these years, this wonderful world has somehow lived away from me, but not now.

There are a lot of gaming chairs on the market, and we are not even talking about manufacturers, but about diversity. Variety in everything - finishing materials, materials of elements, the presence of adjustments to the angle of inclination of the backrest and the adjustment of the armrests, the presence of a removable headrest and a stop under the lower back. All this determines the price and consumer qualities. Today we will talk about ZONE 51 GRAVITY – this model includes almost everything that can be required from a modern gaming chair, and even a little more. But the most important thing is that a piece of the soul is embedded in this chair, it is clearly felt already at the stage of unpacking and assembly.

"A true gaming mouse cannot be wireless" - it was thought many years ago, today this position is completely irrelevant. In the wake of it, over time, the position "a truly gaming headset cannot be wireless" also went. Of course, models with Bluetooth connectivity are not suitable for the role of a gaming headset, and it's not at all about the delay, which even on modern TWS models has already decreased to a comfortable value. The fact is that the Bluetooth protocol loses a lot in quality when switching to headset mode – for the sake of a working microphone, you have to sacrifice the sound quality in headphones. Another thing is wireless headphones that work not via Bluetooth, but via a radio channel. There is nothing to sacrifice there, and the sound delay is minimal. And so, today Razer Barracuda X will defend the honor of wireless gaming headsets.

If you are looking for a gaming keyboard, but don't have any sympathy for the mechanics, you will still have a choice. For example, Razer has several interesting models, and specifically today we will talk about Cynosa V2. It is distinguished by soft keys, customizable RGB backlight, proprietary software with the ability to reconfigure all keys without exception. The only thing you need to be prepared for the price, which is about 4.5 thousand rubles.

Today we have the Razer Kraken V3 X gaming headset in our hands. This is a USB headset with a built-in sound card, RGB backlight and a non-removable microphone. In fact, this model has both outright advantages and some controversial points, but let's talk about everything in order.

We have already tested gaming wireless mice, and today's hero of the review is from the same league. RAZER Basilisk X HyperSpeed costs 4.5 thousand rubles and has two connection options-2.4 GHz (USB "whistle") and Bluetooth. That is, the mouse can be used both for games and for working on a laptop or tablet. But let's talk about everything in order.< / p>

The fact that Acer can make extremely unusual gaming mice, we were convinced in the review of the Predator Cestus 500. But today we'll take a look at Acer's more classic Predator Cestus 310 gaming mouse. This is a relatively inexpensive mouse with an ergonomic design, a Pixart 3519 optical sensor with a resolution of 4200 dpi, and a backlight.

We have already tested quite interesting Corsair gaming mice-remember at least the M55 RGB Pro or the Harpoon RGB Wireless. Today on the test – an affordable model on the Pixart 3327 sensor worth a little more than two thousand rubles. It is called Katar Pro.

Logitech can't be blamed for not being able to make gaming mice. Rather, on the contrary – this brand often set the fashion and created models, the success of which many tried to repeat (of course, in most cases-unsuccessfully). Today we will test the mega functional Logitech G502 model with a HERO sensor with a sensitivity of 25 thousand DPI, a pack of additional buttons, an "inertial" scroll and removable weights. Intrigued? And so do we, so let's get started.