There are not many chargers, and if the charging is compact and powerful – then it is triple valuable. Today we will get acquainted and test the twenty-watt charging from HIPER-the HP-WC001 model. It supports QC 3.0 and Power Delivery 3.0, so it can charge both smartphones and laptops.< / p>

Modern IP cameras are much more functional than the models produced a few years ago. Dahua Imou Cue 2 is a bright representative of current trends - control from a smartphone, support for recording video to the cloud and to a microSD card, a motion sensor with user notification via notifications, and some other interesting features that we will tell you about today.

If not every buyer thinks about buying smart home components, then everyone has probably thought about buying a camera to view the situation in a house or apartment. After all, everything is somewhat easier with the camera – modern smart cameras do not require special settings, and the applications themselves will tell you what to do and where to click to connect to the camera. And what if we tell you that modern cameras are also able to notify about the appearance of people and animals, monitor their movements and even automatically play not only the sounds of serena, but also commands for dogs? The Anker Eufy Indoor Cam 2K Pan & Tilt camera can do all this, which we will tell you about today.

Among other advantages of the modern USB Type-C interface is the support for really powerful charging, which allows you to charge not only smartphones and tablets, but also laptops. Today we will talk about three fairly powerful chargers from Anker – two network models and one car.< / p>

If you use devices from the Mi Home ecosystem, or even if you do not use them, but you are looking for a really high-quality, powerful and functional robot vacuum cleaner, then today we will make your task a little easier.