Review of the Viomi SE Wet Cleaning robot

We have already tested the robot vacuum cleaner Viomi V2 PRO, about which we have very positive impressions. Today we will get acquainted with another model of the same manufacturer, it is called Viomi SE. In fact, these two models are very similar to each other and the difference lies in some subtle points. And we will certainly talk about them in this review. But first, I would like to remind you that Viomi is a sub-brand of Xiaomi, and all Viomi vacuum cleaners connect to the Mi Home smart home, which other Xiaomi smart devices connect to. For the rest of the parameters such as quality and approach to device development, you can put a conditional equality between these two brands.

Package contents

According to tradition, the vacuum cleaner is packed in a cardboard package with high quality and love. Each component is packed in an individual bag, and each is assigned its own place. According to the configuration, the difference from the V2 PRO is immediately striking – the SE does not have additional containers.

And the rest is the same: there is a dock station with a power supply, the main and spare side brushes, a removable wet cleaning pad with a spare rag and ... everything.


In terms of design, the Viomi SE is the same V2 PRO, only albino, that is, in white. For contrast, of course, we added some rose gold color elements. The vacuum cleaner will undoubtedly fit into a stylish interior. But in terms of design, there are almost no differences from the older brother.

The Viomi SE has the same double rubber control button, the same folding " top " (top cover), the same lidar tower, with which the robot scans the room and orients itself in space. Under the opening lid, there is a tool for cleaning the vacuum cleaner and the only container in the set. It is combined, 300 ml is allocated for garbage collection, 200 ml - for water. There is a removable HEPA filter, do not worry that there is no spare one in the kit – it can easily be found on sale.

Let's look at the vacuum cleaner from below. Here, too, no surprises – the usual turbo brush, which is easy to remove for cleaning (if you have a lot of hair on the floor-we recommend doing this after each cleaning). Side brush – one, this is not good and not bad, for a vacuum cleaner with lidar, this is a normal phenomenon. Two driving wheels with suspension, rotary roller. To complete the picture, it remains to install a platform for wet cleaning.

My own experience

Let's start with the dry numbers. So, the Viomi SE has even a little more suction power – 2200 Pa against 2100 Pa. For the rest of the figures, there are no differences – the same battery with a capacity of 3200 mAh, which is enough for 80-120 minutes of work (and it takes up to 4 hours to fully charge). One charge is enough to clean approximately 200 square meters of floor. If suddenly the vacuum cleaner is discharged faster than it will visit every corner of the room that it can reach (or rather, reach), after charging, it will continue cleaning on its own.

Please note that in some vacuum cleaners, water is poured into the removable pad itself (which also serves as a container) and enters the rag by gravity. In the Viomi SE (as in other models in the brand's line), water from the container is fed to the rag by means of a pump, which, firstly, allows you to regulate the water supply. And secondly, it eliminates the option of water leaking out of the barrel when idle. That is, you can pour water into the vacuum cleaner much in advance, and after cleaning, you do not need to run to pour out the remaining water. This is actually much more convenient than many cheaper competitors. On the other hand, the lack of tanks for clean dry or clean wet cleaning can upset those who prefer combined cleaning of large containers for one specific task. But in our opinion, the difference in the size of the containers is not so significant as to categorically oppose the container combo.

And of course, a huge plus of Viomi SE is the support of the Mi Home smart home. In terms of management and functions, there are no special differences from other models of the line. From the app, you can easily monitor the status of the vacuum cleaner and the battery charge, as well as a map of the room with the cleaning history. In a couple of clicks, you can select the type of cleaning and power mode, start cleaning the entire room or a specific area. All this we have already told in the review of Viomi V2 PRO, but some points are not a sin and repeat. First of all, we note the possibility of setting an automatic cleaning schedule, and with the function of dividing the room by zones, you can even create scenarios of the following type: at such and such a time, dry cleaning of the bedroom and hall (since there is carpet), then combined cleaning of the kitchen, because there is tile, and it can and should be washed. That is, the ability to specify the time, zone and type of cleaning allows you to create flexible scenarios for automatic cleaning. Second, the robot can be controlled by Alice's voice assistant, so the vacuum cleaner becomes another element of the modern smart home.


In fact, from the older V2 PRO model, the Viomi SE model differs only in one container (combined), slightly more suction power and slightly more design. Otherwise, there is no difference – the same functionality, the same features, the same cartography and the same accuracy and quality of cleaning. You need to choose the SE model first of all because of the colors – if it is a white robot vacuum cleaner that fits perfectly into your interior, well, the presence of containers for clean dry or clean wet cleaning does not interest you at all. If the latter does not suit you-look in the direction of Viomi V2 PRO.

Lutovinov Maxim (aka. Kok)

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