JIMMY JV51 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Last time we got acquainted with the chic JIMMY H8 Pro model, which we liked with high power, rich equipment and an interesting turbo brush that does not collect (on itself) hair. And especially for those who want to get all these key features, but at a more modest price, JIMMY offers the JV51 model. Recall that JIMMY was closely associated with the XIAOMI brand, so they know how to do high-quality things.


Despite the fact that the JIMMY JV51 is half the price of the H8 Pro, the vacuum cleaner is also packed stylishly and richly. Each component is in an individual bag, the contents of the box are packed very tightly, so that unpacking turns into a special ritual. A pleasant ritual.

And so, we begin to extract its contents from the box and carefully consider the configuration. Definitely in the pros, you can write the presence of a stand, or rather a wall mount. If the H8 Pro had a floor stand, then it offers to hang the vacuum cleaner on the wall (of course, a set of fasteners is included). The two protrusions on the left are the brush supplies.

The battery is also removable, but now it resembles that of a battery tool. Please note that the socket for connecting the mains charger is open even when the battery is inserted into the vacuum cleaner. That is, you can charge it separately from the vacuum cleaner, and when the battery is installed.

The JIMMY JV51 has a more familiar design with a pistol grip. What immediately sets this model apart from the more expensive H8 Pro is the materials and build. But the most important thing is that in the hand the vacuum cleaner feels good and not cheap. The power button is discrete, meaning you don't have to hold it while the vacuum cleaner is running. Pressed-the vacuum cleaner turned on, pressed again-turned off. There is a switch of the operating mode (only two powers), but the display is not, but for this price category it is quite expected.

The vacuum cleaner is very easy to disassemble, it is not even necessary to open the instructions. The HEPA filter can be easily removed from the top. The 500 ml dust collector opens from the bottom, and if desired, it can be removed entirely to access the metal mesh filter (for example, to clean it). Everything about everything takes seconds of time, so emptying the container and cleaning the vacuum cleaner after cleaning will take a minimum of time.

The kit includes only one metal pipe, two turbo brushes and two double nozzles. Yes, the H8 Pro has significantly more equipment, but the JV51 also has everything you need. The small brush has a turbo brush of a classic shape, it is recommended to use it for sofas. The turbo brush can be removed for cleaning, this is very important. The main turbocharger is the same magic as the older model. It almost does not collect hair, so it is ideal for cleaning carpets, especially if people with long hair or animals live in the house/apartment. The turbo brush can also be removed, but as our practice has shown – it needs cleaning extremely rarely, not after every cleaning.

And of course, the kit includes two narrow nozzles with retractable bristles. They are convenient to clean in corners and narrow places. In general, in terms of versatility, the JV51 is not much inferior to its older brother. But the most interesting thing is what he is doing.

As we said above, the vacuum cleaner has only two modes of operation and alas, the vacuum cleaner does not have an automatic mode and does not know how to choose the power independently. You'll have to switch modes yourself. On the weak mode, the battery life is about 50 minutes, on the strong mode-about 10. If the powerful mode is turned on in difficult areas – carpets with high pile, especially polluted places, then the charge is quite enough for cleaning not only one, but also two or three-room average apartment.

Subjectively, of course, at maximum power, the JIMMY JV51 is inferior to the H8 Pro, although this model is not weak. In principle, you can try to replace the JV51 with a regular network vacuum cleaner, especially if you use it in conjunction with a robot vacuum cleaner (preferably a washing one), which will constantly collect the main garbage. And then the JV51 charge will be enough to carry out the final cleaning in the entire apartment.


The JIMMY JV51 may not have the wow effect of the H8 Pro, but it's quite expected due to the two-fold difference in price. JIMMY JV51 pleases with a rich configuration, good autonomy and the presence of a very powerful suction mode, which makes it easy to use this vacuum cleaner for carpet coverings. Instant access to the innards (for example, a HEPA filter), a quick-emptying dust collector, a chic turbo brush that does not wrap the hair around itself. All this makes JIMMY JV51 an extremely dangerous competitor.

Lutovinov Maxim (aka. Kok)

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