What are the advantages of HDMI-over-IP extensions? How much more profitable is this solution compared to matrix switches? How do I set up and manage a ready-made project, and what are the requirements for network equipment that arise in such installations?

Today we will look at the main criteria for choosing industrial USB hubs using the example of products from the Chinese company Orico. This manufacturer has literally occupied the niche of USB devices, offering devices with record high currents per port and record low cost per connection. The company's product range includes USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 hubs. we will test the current strength of both types.

ATEN KN series KVM switches are designed for large enterprises and data centers to improve the efficiency of servicing a diverse fleet of IT equipment, which can include not only conventional servers, but also switches, Blade servers, UPS and storage systems. Considering the flagship model of Aten, we asked the technical Director of the cloud provider M1Cloud to tell us about the use of KVM in modern data centers.

Various KVM solutions are used not only for the administration of IT infrastructure in enterprises, although this is primarily the case. In medical institutions, at work, at airports and train stations. In short, wherever reliability, speed, and security are required, which neither desktops nor virtual machines can provide, KVM allows us to solve complex tasks that seem to be familiar to us.