What are Cookies

As Wikipedia tells us,

Cookies ( English cookie, literally - cookie ) - a small piece of data sent by by web server and stored on computer user. Web client (usually web browser ) every time you try to open a page of the corresponding site, it sends this piece of data to the web server as part of HTTP -request. It is used to save data on the user's side, in practice it is usually used for:

  • user authentication ;
  • storage of personal preferences and user settings;
  • state tracking session [en] user access;
  • statistics information about Users .

Many sites with access restrictions require browser support for cookies (reception, storage and subsequent transmission of saved cookies to the server), most online stores [2] . Customizing the appearance and behavior of many of websites according to individual user preferences is also based on cookie [1] .

Cookie easy intercept and spoof (for example, to gain access to an account) if the user uses an unencrypted connection to the server. At risk are users accessing the Internet using public hotspots Wi-Fi and without using such mechanisms as SSL and TLS . Encryption can also solve other problems related to the security of transmitted data.

Most modern browsers allow users to choose whether to accept cookies or not, but disabling them makes it impossible to work with some sites. In addition, according to the laws of some countries (for example, according to the law European Union 2002) Sites must always ask for consent before installing a cookie.

Since as of 2019-2020, all sites use encryption, stealing and substituting Cookies does not make sense. In addition, even if an attacker copies the hapless Cookie from your computer, hacking your, and not ours, protection, he will not be able to do anything on the HWP. This is how everything is arranged here, that with HWP you are safe even if you are hacked. Even when you do not visit our website, and if in doubt, install yourself Kaspersky Anti-Virus, all operating system updates and do not forget to put cacti in front of the monitor.