RAID controllers have not left and are not going to, on the contrary, hardware controllers for NVME and PCI Express drives (including M2 format drives) are entering the market. The abundance of drives and software features of RAID/HBA make you approach this choice as responsibly as possible, otherwise you may lose data.

Fanless mini-computers are in steady demand among both ordinary users and business customers. The first choose such machines to set up some home services like Home Assistant, pfSense or torrent download, and then throwing the piece of iron somewhere under the bed, forget about its existence for a long time. For business customers, such a computer is the basis for creating information kiosks, vending machines, collecting automated control system metrics at remote facilities, and for various Edge applications. Such a device consumes a minimum of electricity, does not draw dust into itself, does not require maintenance and is easily replaced by unskilled personnel in case of a breakdown.

This is one of the most affordable Hot-Swap baskets on the market, but at the same time it is surprisingly thought out in detail, especially in terms of reliability and ease of maintenance in the server. It is not always necessary to immediately look at "something more expensive" when choosing a basket.

The largest vendor of server equipment, HPE, produces the Proliant RL300 Gen11 model based on Ampere Altra (Max) processors. These are 1-socket 1-unit servers, delivered both according to the traditional purchase model and according to a relatively new type of subscription sales (Server-as-a-service). The new machines are designed for Cloud environments, that is, for companies providing application hosting services using container and hardware virtualization, as well as for Web hosting and related applications.

Icy Dock company is the most famous manufacturer of disk cages for HDD and SSD, widely known for its series of metal cases for hard drives ToughArmor, which could drive a car without damaging the drives. Today, when it seems that the world has already completely switched to SSD, and Name M.2 boards are replacing SATA SSDs, there are still reasons for choosing 2.5-inch hard drives. This is a relatively inexpensive volume, which is provided by SATA models with a capacity of 4 TB, and high reliability of hybrid Enterprise HDD, such as the Seagate Exos 10E2400. In particular, SAS SSDs with a thickness of 15 mm are quite common.

Server cases weren't always so dull and monotonous. In this article we will look at the most unusual solutions for mounting your computing equipment in a rack, and who knows, maybe you want to diversify your data center a little.

Huawei is the first and only company to have single-brand solutions across the entire AI cycle, from machine learning systems to edge servers and end devices such as surveillance cameras. From top to bottom, you have a single vendor, a single hardware architecture, your own operating system, and a single software framework.