JIMMY H8 Pro cordless vertical vacuum cleaner review

There is no point in discussing which vacuum cleaner is better – mains or battery, conventional or vertical. Each type will have its own supporters who will give reasonable arguments. It is much more important that the model is really comfortable, powerful and functional. So modern vertical cordless vacuum cleaners can easily replace conventional ones powered by electricity. An example of this is JIMMY JV51, which we discussed earlier. This brand was closely associated with Xiaomi, made products for it, so in terms of quality, these are the same level of brands. The brand has a serious approach to product development, has its own patents, in general, again-the level. Specifically, the H8 Pro is a powerful vacuum cleaner with a removable battery, excellent equipment and a cost of up to 25 thousand rubles.

Package contents

The vacuum cleaner is delivered in a large cardboard package, which is packed very tightly. Each component is packed in an individual bag, all the free space is occupied by foam inserts. To be honest, from the moment you open the box and unpack it, you realize that you have a really high – quality product in your hands.

The equipment is very rich, we don't even know where to start. The kit includes a user manual in several languages, including Russian, but as usual, I will only look at it if something is not clear. Let's start with the accessories, namely the stand, charging and battery. Yes, the battery is removable, this is a plus, because you can buy a second one and double the working time. Moreover, a docking station is already included, so that the battery can be charged separately. The stand is also interesting because, firstly, such vacuum cleaners in principle are extremely rarely equipped with such full-fledged stands – usually it is a wall mount that requires drilling (at best, it will be fixed on a powerful tape, for which you will need to find a flat surface). And, secondly. It has a special small pocket for storing the mains charger – so that it is impossible to lose it.

More than half of the complete set is occupied by various brushes and tubes. Tubes – two pieces. It is rigid with contacts for powering the turbo brush, the second is flexible-like a corrugation, but without contacts. Also included is an adapter - a bending knee, with its help you can pick up the nozzle at an angle. Now about the brushes – there are only five of them. Two key ones-with turbo brushes, one larger for regular cleaning, the second-compact. And three more simple brushes (a couple of them with retractable bristles) for various cleaning scenarios – for cleaning sofas, narrow places, etc.

Most of all, we were interested in the main nozzle from the kit – the fact is that it uses an extremely interesting turbo brush, which, according to the manufacturer, does not collect hair (visually it resembles a paint roller, but of course the materials are different). I will check this a little later, but in the meantime, we will note the collapsible design – the brush can be removed for cleaning.


Now let's look at the vacuum cleaner itself. There is no doubt – it looks futuristic and extremely interesting. Among the interesting things – two control buttons (power on and power adjustment), a display that shows the remaining battery charge, which, by the way, is inserted into the handle, like most battery tools.

But the most interesting thing is the disassembly of the vacuum cleaner. On one side is the dust collector lid, which opens in an instant at the touch of a button, while the lid is spring-loaded. The procedure for emptying the container takes two seconds. On the other side is the filter cover-the design is collapsible, and in 10 seconds we get access to both the paper and the mesh filter. That is, the replacement of consumables will also take a few seconds. Honestly, the JIMMY H8 Pro is smarter than any full-size vacuum cleaner. We will talk about the comparison with direct competitors later.

Well, now let's look at the vacuum cleaner in the combat position. Given the number of nozzles and pipes in the kit, it turns out more than ten options for" assembling " the vacuum cleaner. In general, the vacuum cleaner is ready for a variety of tasks. It's time to check it out.

My own experience

We start with the inclusion. There are several modes of operation-economical, turbo (for carpets) and maximum. But the most interesting is the automatic mode, which determines the type of surface itself and selects the desired power (carpet from linoleum is easy to distinguish, so it's really easier to give yourself to automation). The time of operation on a single charge directly depends on the selected mode – from 10 minutes in the most powerful mode and more than one hour in the most economical.

And you need to understand that the maximum suction power is 25,000 Pa, this is really a very powerful vacuum cleaner, which can be compared with conventional network models (not vertical, but ordinary). That is, this is a real candidate not for an addition, but for a full-fledged replacement of a wired vacuum cleaner – Jimmy H8 PRO will cope with cleaning any fleecy surfaces in the house due to the power.

For cleaning the floor throughout the house, it is more practical to choose a large nozzle with a turbo brush. To be honest, it was a bit of a shock to discover that the turbo-brush combined with the powerful suction would pull the arm forward so much. It's like walking a big dog. I have never seen such powerful battery models. What is curious – if the turbo brush meets some obstacle that stops the rotation of the brush, then it simply stops and for its "restart" you only need to turn off and turn on the vacuum cleaner.

What made a special effect-is that really all the collected hair was in the container, and not on the brush. Owners of long hair perfectly understand what cleaning in their house is. An ordinary turbo brush is happy to wrap all the hair around itself, which is why you have to spend time cleaning the brush after each cleaning. Because if such a brush is not cleaned – the efficiency of its work becomes zero. In this case, the picture was genuinely pleased. Perhaps the developer of the JIMMY H8 Pro turbo brush had to give his soul to the devil, but it was definitely worth it.

Another important point. The capacity of the dust collector is 500 ml, although in fact this is more than enough, since in any case it is better to empty it after each cleaning, especially since it is done in a matter of seconds, I already mentioned this above. By the way, cleaning an apartment with an area of slightly less than 60 squares (the floor area, of course, is much smaller due to the arranged furniture) in automatic mode took 70% of the charge (and a full charge, by the way, takes 5 hours). That is, of course, if you have an apartment or a house with an area of one hundred squares – you will have to buy a second battery, or just use the JIMMY H8 Pro in addition to the robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning particularly dirty places.


What do we have as a result? First, the JIMMY H8 Pro is a really powerful vacuum cleaner that can compete with conventional network models. And with normal autonomy, although of course for large rooms, a second battery will not hurt. Perhaps the only thing that I would like to add to the rich equipment is a belt so that you can hang the vacuum cleaner on your shoulder and even more conveniently wield the brush on a flexible tube. Otherwise, there is really nothing to find fault with-comfortable, made of very high-quality materials, with a magic turbo brush that does not wind the hair on itself. And the cost for all this seems to us more than adequate, especially when compared with worthy competitors.

Lutovinov Maxim (aka. Kok)

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