A data XPG Spectrix D45G RGB: review of a set of modules with a frequency of 3600 MHz

Prices for DDR4 today are not just at comfortable levels, but at such that all DIMM slots on the motherboard can be clogged with memory modules, as long as they are not empty. If you are not planning to upgrade the platform to AMD with DDR5 support in the near future, you can install the maximum amount of supported memory in your computer, overclock it to a substantial 3.6 GHz and, most likely, not worry about a lack of RAM in the coming years. Today we will look at the XPG Spectrix D45G kit from Adata: this is a peer-to-peer memory on Samsung D-die chips, Armstrong core, model K4A8G085WD-BCTD. The kit has timings 18-22-22-44-T1 and two XMP profiles: for 3200 and 3600 MHz. A distinctive feature of the novelty can be considered a 10-year warranty, which indirectly indicates the quality of the product.

Exterior and RGB lightning

Today, manufacturers of memory modules are trying to supply two versions of their kits: with RGB backlight and without it. Surprisingly, for how many years RGB has existed, and for the same number of years there has not been an end to compatibility with motherboards. Even if you use memory modules of the same manufacturer in your computer, but of different series, the backlight may "not start". More precisely, it will shine in the "default" mode, but there will be no control over it. And neither OpenRGB nor native utilities to the motherboard will help. Therefore, if the aesthetics of the computer is important to you, then buy either the same DIMM modules, or completely abandon the backlight. In particular, in the XPG Spectrix D45G series there is an option with and without RGB.

Externally, the XPG Spectrix D45G is the embodiment of industrial design with smooth shapes. The memory module is completely covered by an aluminum radiator with beveled ribs, and heat is removed both from the chip installation side and from the reverse.

The height of the modules is 45.2 mm, and most modern air coolers, not to mention liquid cooling systems, have no problems with clearance and compatibility with this memory.

As for the backlight, it is not bright, and not saturated. The best memory illumination for XPG is in the Spectrix D50 modules, and if aesthetics matter to you and you want to achieve a certain color, then it's better to look at the D50.

Compared to them, the backlight of the Spectrix D45G is darker, and the colors are less saturated, but the LEDs do not stand out, and each of them can be adjusted individually through the program OpenRGB.

XMP Profile and timings

Two XMP 2.0 profiles are included into the XPG Spectrix D45G kit:

  • 3600 MHz with timings 18-22-22-44-T1 and a voltage of 1.35 V
  • 3200 MHz with timings 16-20-20-38-T1 and a voltage of 1.35 V

Other characteristics can be seen in the screenshot of Thaiphoon.

There is no temperature sensor here.

Test - optimization of the parameters of the MetaTrader 5 trading robot

The MetaTrader 5 platform is known to every algotrader: it is a free package for stock trading with its own programming language for trading robots. The platform itself is free, and on the web you can find hundreds and thousands of paid and free robots that implement various trading algorithms. When setting up a robot for a tool, it is important to choose the right range of parameters within which the robot trades in plus. There can be billions of such parameters, so the platform supports distributed computing over the network or over the Internet, as well as the accelerated optimization method "genetic algorithm". We will use a small sample of 2,000 parameters, using the hourly chart of the EURUSD pair for 2020 as a base, distributing it to 64 computing agents.

The difference in speed is almost twofold, which is typical of programs related to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Test - Davinci Resolve rendering

A free package for non-linear video editing, Davinci Resolve needs no introduction: this is an amazingly powerful and convenient platform, loved by thousands of video bloggers and used by Hollywood professionals. Our test is a 1080p video rendering for Youtube.

The difference in rendering time is about 20%, which in general is also significant.

Recommendations when ordering

If the workstation allows you to install DDR4 without ECC and the uptime indicator is not critical, then at today's prices for DDR4, you can use high-quality gaming memory with frequencies of 3600 MHz as efficiently as possible. Today, this frequency range has already been worked out, is considered stable and can provide additional growth in professional applications.

The XPG Spectrix D45G memory modules are a clear example of high-quality kits based on well-proven Samsung chips, and the quality is confirmed by a huge 10-year warranty.

Michael Degtjarev (aka LIKE OFF)

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