Acer Predator Cestus 310 gaming mouse review

The fact that Acer can make extremely unusual gaming mice, we were convinced in the review of the Predator Cestus 500, but today we will look at a more classic gaming mouse Predator Cestus 310 from Acer. This is a relatively inexpensive mouse with an ergonomic design, a Pixart 3519 optical sensor with a resolution of 4200 dpi, and a backlight.


Predator Cestus 310 is hardly compact – its dimensions are 121x67x39 mm, and its weight is 133 grams. That is, this model is a kind of plump with a characteristic hump for a convenient location of the brush. This model is for those who like to feel a mouse in their hand, not a piece of fluff.

The case is actually symmetrical – of course, the buttons are not symmetrical, but from the point of view of ergonomics, it is difficult to find fault with the Predator Cestus 310 – on the right there is a recess for the ring finger and little finger, on the left there is a similar recess for the thumb. There are also two additional buttons. This is not counting the standard set of buttons – left, right, clickable scroll and an additional button just below it (to switch DPI). The scroll, by the way, is equipped with a four-color backlight, the color corresponds to the current resolution of the sensor. The logo in the lower part of the case is also highlighted in the pair. The wire is in a fabric braid, quite soft and pliable.


The Predator Cestus 310 is equipped with a Pixart 3519 optical sensor with a maximum resolution of 4200 dpi (you can switch on the fly between four resolutions, presumably 800, 1600 and 2400 dpi in addition to the maximum). I liked the sensor – it works well on different surfaces, the cursor moves smoothly even at the maximum available resolution, and we did not manage to disrupt it.

The maximum acceleration of the sensor is 10g – not very much, but not bad. The resource of the buttons is 10 million clicks – very decent. The polling frequency of the USB port is 1000 Hz, which is good. But the lack of proprietary software is difficult to characterize as an unambiguous disadvantage or advantage. Still, the ability to operate the manipulator immediately after connecting the USB cable is also a kind of plus.


Predator Cestus 310 can be called a typical classic budget gaming mouse – it has a rather large size and weight, but an ergonomic body. It has a high-quality sensor with a resolution of 4200 dpi (far from a record, but for the average user and player – "behind the eyes").

This mouse has the ability to switch the sensor resolution on the fly, and there is no need to install drivers or software. Predator Cestus 310 is a mouse in the style of "plug and play", and you work with comfort and pleasure.

Lutovinov Maxim (aka. Kok)

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