Today we are looking at one of the most advanced managed switches on the market. Not so long ago, Zyxel built support for the nebula cloud management system into its professional devices, which allows you to configure and maintain the network on the site simply, and most importantly - remotely.

Using packages allows the basic installation of pfSense to remain compact, but allows users to install only the packages necessary for their conditions. In this article, you will find a list of the top 5 pfSense packages that you will most likely need to set up your corporate network. Each package includes a brief description of what the package does and how it can help your network.

Good-bye, dear friend! After 4 years of working with the Mikrotik router, I suddenly decided to finally restore order in the network infrastructure, and then it turned out that it has problems with the network, the switch slows down, updates are incompatible with previous ones, and technical support is silent.

10-Gigabit networks are becoming more accessible and in demand every day, and today this technology is of interest to everyone, except for large data centers, where it has been used for more than 10 years. In this article, we will look at both types of 10-Gigabit interfaces: optics and copper, and show you the advantages and disadvantages of both types of connectivity.

Today we will look at two ZyXEL solutions for fully wireless connectivity: the ZyXEL LTE7460-M608 LTE router with mobile Internet speeds of up to 300 Mbit / s and the wac6553d-E Wi-Fi access point with 6 antenna sockets for 3 spatial streams. Both devices are designed for outdoor installation, including on the mast, they are not afraid of water or snow, and are positioned as a solution for suburban offices, or for outdoor events.

10-Gigabit networks are becoming more common even in the simplest IT projects, where there is a desire to save every ruble. Intel network cards are used more often than any other, but unfortunately, in China they have learned to fake them. It is easy to distinguish the original from a fake, and this is known to both customers and contractors. We will tell you how not to buy a fake network card, where fakes of such equipment come from, what you need to pay attention to when buying, and what you don't.

ZyXel, a major manufacturer of network equipment for home and small businesses, today offers a range of solutions for Wi-Fi networks of the 802.11 ac standard. This is a series of compact access points, gigabit switches with PoE ports for powering these devices, PoE injectors and nebula cloud management technology, which makes it easier to monitor and configure the entire network infrastructure, even distributed across different cities.

Today we will look at a 10-port second-level Gigabit SNMP switch designed for the SMB segment. In fact, behind the words "small business segment", there is a functionality that a few years ago was found only in the most top-end enterprise-class switches. Here you can configure ports, traffic shaping, and advanced information for each packet, and authorization via vlan and RADIUS, and all this at the price of a good home Internet router.

Today we are looking at an unusual PoE switch that has 8 active power ports and 2 additional ports for Uplink and stacking. Despite the seemingly outdated speed of 100 Mbit / s, this model can be used to connect IP phones and surveillance cameras. This is a good alternative for compact offices where there are restrictions on the placement of equipment in telecommunications cabinets, as well as for non-critical objects.

As a rule, such network switches are considered as workhorses in enterprises of different classes, from small to large. 24 local copper 100-megabit ports, 2 trunk combined SFP / copper, support for 512 static VLANs. To connect a remote warehouse with the Central office, to connect offices to the Central network, and even if you want-to distribute the Internet provider at home or a small business center. Fortunately, the switch allows you to very accurately limit the port bandwidth.

The network security gateway is a relatively new device in the small network segment for small businesses. Even one common name didn't stick. However, today you can assign it responsibility for VPN access to the network, for limiting the network activity of your staff and for penetration of external threats into your network. Judge for yourself - this device has a built-in antivirus that scans all traffic on the fly, an advanced spam detection system, blocking services by list and sites by classifier. And all this-at a very good speed with a free subscription to all updates and services!