Well-known design, well-known interface, huge functionality, not oversaturated with possibilities and traditional pricing policy - slightly more expensive than analogs. Some things have not changed in QNAP products from the very first generation to this day, but this does not affect their popularity. Today we will take a look at a somewhat new, somewhat conservative, but very powerful NAS for 8 disks, built on Intel Atom 2.13 GHz and think about the reasons for the popularity of QNAP networking solutions.

Synology is taking another confident step into the world of enterprise storage. Today we're looking at RS3413xs +, a 10-drive NAS with SSD caching technology, up to 34 HDD scaling, upgradeable to 10G networks, 4 Gigabit NICs, plenty of memory and a powerful 4-core processor that promises 400,000 IOPS performance. (2000 MB/s) in read mode.

An NAS for small businesses with big ambitions. Rackmount, 12 hard drive bays, 2 power supplies and expansion cards. The latter actually means the ability to work in 10G networks, which in turn gives performance at the level of 1 gigabyte per second. We tested this NAS in a 10G environment and saw with our own eyes that the highest performance is now available on inexpensive storage systems over twisted pair cables without expensive optics.

Desktop storage system for 8 SATA drives. It is designed for use in small businesses where there is a need to store tens of terabytes of data, a fast processor for cloud applications, but where there is no possibility to install equipment in a rack. Fast iSCSI and Samba performance, 5-disk expansion via eSATA and USB 3.0, and all the features of the modern and beautiful DSM 4.0 shell recently released by Synology. More importantly, low cost of purchase and ownership.

With this model, Synology opens up a new class of devices - for use in modern cloud-based offices where PBXs and servers share a common space with employees. The NAS is a 12-inch deep rack-mountable NAS with minimal power consumption and is designed for installation in wall cabinets, next to PBXs, switches and patch panels. NAS with easy motherboard replacement and support for just two drives. We have never seen anything like this in the business segment and will be happy to find out what the new product is.

One of the most affordable 1U NAS designed for small offices where high demands are placed on storage reliability. Designed for 4 SATA drives, this NAS has a dual-module power supply, powerful cooling, a fast yet economical Intel Atom processor and all the general-purpose office NAS features found in Thecus products, including video surveillance, remote replication, iSCSI support, etc.

Thecus company has always been able to surprise with its unusual NAS, and the N4200 Pro model is just another confirmation of this. This is a NAS with an excellent OLED screen that displays the status of the device, with a fast processor, good functionality, but most importantly, with a powerful built-in battery that will help avoid damage to the RAID array in the event of a sudden power outage. We'll check out how the NAS will operate on battery power in this review.

Recently, QNAP has released a new firmware for its NAS, in which it has added support for the Syslog server, the ability to send messages via Windows IM, as well as a built-in antivirus that can check the disk on a schedule, for example, at night when no one is in the office. In this review, we will test the 6-disk QNAP TS-659 PRO II NAS for small business, connect it via iSCSI MCS to squeeze out 200 MB/s, and consider its new features designed specifically for small offices.

5-disk file server for small offices. It is built on an Intel Atom D525 processor, which achieves excellent performance in RAID 5 and RAID 6. We will also test this NAS in real applications to see how quickly it is backed up or how quickly the antivirus checks its contents. p>

We have already written many times that QNAP NAS-s on Linux platform can become indispensable helpers in business, shouldering the responsibilities of other infrastructure elements on their electronic shoulders. And by purchasing a small QNAP file server for your company, it is possible that soon you will be using it for more than just storing files. In this article, we will discuss the standard features of the new generation of QNAP firmware, useful for small companies.

Today's review is dedicated to an industrial storage system using advanced hardware capabilities. Suffice it to say that this is one of the few storage systems that supports 12 drives in a 2U chassis. Today, this means 24 TB of data in one device. All of this is powered by Core2 Duo E7400, and the platform itself is built on real server hardware.