Deepcool Matrexx 50 MESH 4FS review

A modern PC Case should not only be beautiful, but also well-blown to ensure high-quality cooling of all system components. Today we will get acquainted with Deepcool Matrexx 50 MESH 4FS-this case is an excellent basis for assembling a computer of almost any performance. The space for installing cooling is such that even the hottest assembly will not be hot.

Deepcool Matrexx 50 MESH 4FS

We remove the case from the box and immediately all attention is focused on the front panel. It consists of two parts. The middle insert with a metal mesh provides a huge area for air intake by front fans. An insert with an interesting design in the form of three cells with asymmetric shapes. In theory, this grid also acts as a filter, protecting the fans from large particles. The insert can be easily removed for cleaning and quick access to the fans. 3 fans are pre-installed from the factory (plus another one at the back) with milk-colored blades and a three-color non-adjustable backlight. The second part of the front panel (frame) is also easily disassembled, although it does not make much sense anymore – you can get access to the fans by dismantling the central part.

The buttons and ports are located at the top. There are three USB ports installed here, one of which is USB 3.0. Also, a soft dust filter is installed on top of the seats for fans, which is fixed with soft magnets. The left side panel is made of a single piece of tempered glass with a thickness of 4 mm. It is fixed with four large screws with a knurled head (easily unscrewed by hands) and a soft gasket. All measures have been taken to protect the glass from loading and damage. But before removing the side panel, let's look at the case from behind.

From this angle, the dimensions of the case are better understood. By the way, they are 442x210x479 mm. The case is wide enough, even the possibility of vertical installation of the video card is provided, although there is no PCI-E riser included. Well, let's look at the case from below, although everything is also quite expected here – large plastic legs with soft pads, a simple mesh dust filter under the power supply, and what is most interesting-the screws for fixing the basket for disks, which means it is removable and can be removed if desired.

Now let's look inside. First of all, we note that there is no window for admiring the power supply unit on the casing that divides the internal volume into two spaces. This is not good, not bad, just a fact. But on the casing on the side of the motherboard there are holes for laying wires, this is good. There are similar holes on the pallet in sufficient quantity, it's just a pity that they are not equipped with split rubber plugs – with them the cable management would look more aesthetically pleasing.

As we said above, a fourth fan is installed at the back. But the seats for the front fans are much more interesting – pay attention to the large indentation from the casing. It is made so that you can easily install the radiator of your own at the entire available height (we will talk about the exact figures a little later).

We remove the second side panel – we immediately pay attention that the correct screws are installed – they are also easily unscrewed by hands and do not fall out of the seats (they will not be lost). On the other side of the motherboard, there are many points on which the eye stops. Take at least a bundle of wires (which go to the buttons and ports of the case) – their length is more than enough for convenient laying to any side of the motherboard. It's a little frustrating that the complete fans are connected only to MOLEX, which means that neither the rotation speed adjustment nor the backlight control is available to us (at least just the ability to turn it off).

There is a real expanse for installing drives here. On the pallet there are two fixed places for installing 2.5 " disks, two removable sleds. And in the disk basket, you can install a pair of 3.5” drives on removable sleds. A total of 6 disks per system is a lot with a margin for a modern game build.

Well, since we got to the numbers, let's talk about compatibility. In Deepcool Matrexx 50 MESH 4FS, you can install a CPU cooler up to 160 mm high, a video card up to 370 mm long, and a power supply up to 370 mm long (theoretically, if you dismantle the disk basket – a longer PSU will fit). For fans: front - 3 seats for 120/140 mm fans, top-2 seats for 120/140 mm fans, rear-1 seat for 120 mm fan. As for ITS own, you can install absolutely any modern water cooling system with a radiator from 120 to 360 mm. In general, the case is very friendly with regard to coolers and ITS own.


Deepcool Matrexx 50 MESH 4FS pleases with three points: a rich set of pre-installed fans, an excellent set of seats for installing its own and fans for organizing really effective cooling, and attention to detail. For your money, the model turned out to be very balanced – it is suitable for both a bright game assembly and for the assembly of a powerful working station.

Lutovinov Maxim (aka. Kok)

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